"[A] compelling tale of Brazil’s superrich, which deftly weaves lurid soap opera with high finance and outrageous political skulduggery." — James Hider, The Wall Street Journal

"If Piketty had been—instead of an economist—a reporter working to understand the world that extremes of inequality have made today, he … might well have chosen to focus on Brazil, as Alex Cuadros has done in his new book Brazillionaires … a propulsive and engaging portrait of modern Brazil." — Patrick Iber, The New Republic

“A wild, richly reported tale about Brazil’s recent economic rise and fall, and some of the biggest, most colorful characters in business in Brazil who now have a global reach.… Mr. Cuadros’s story really takes off when he focuses on Eike Batista, an over-the-top one-time billionaire who became the country’s corporate mascot, only to go bankrupt in a dramatic unraveling.” — Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times

"Splendidly original ... gets into the heart and soul of present-day Brazil through the fascinatingly operatic lives of its billionaires, while also explaining the country’s unresolved battles in overcoming poverty, corruption, racism, and a great deal more. Written with verve, as well as a merciless eye for the truth, Brazillionaires is as engaging as it is timely.” — Jon Lee Anderson, author of Che Guevara

"Richly reported ... [Brazillionaires] examines the flamboyant, uber-powerful and often-crazy billionaire class that has arisen, and now dominates, political and cultural life in the world’s fifth most populous country. It’s extremely entertaining and compelling on its own terms, but it also potently illustrates how billionaires generally—in the U.S. and the Western world—have amassed extraordinary power with virtually no accountability … a must-read." — Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

“A clear-eyed and often funny travelogue through the operatic lives of the country’s ultra-wealthy and their baneful relationship with the state.” — John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times

“The lunatic, insular world of Brazil’s ultra-rich is opened up for scrutiny in Brazillionaires. Alex Cuadros’s skillful reportage and vivid prose illuminate the ideology of the some of the richest people anywhere, providing a meditation on the meaning of wealth and inequality not only in Brazil but in the United States and around the world.” — Kim Phillips-Fein, author of Invisible Hands

“[An] enjoyable, deeply reported account of Brazil’s outsize collection of tycoons.” — Eduardo Porter, The New York Times Book Review

"Cuadros [is] a diligent and gifted reporter.... Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.” — Isabel Vincent, author of Gilded Lily

"An incisive and entertaining romp through the follies of Brazilian wealth, power and hubris." — Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View

“Brazil’s shocking rise and even more shocking fall is one of the biggest stories of our young century. Alex Cuadros tells it through the stories of its billionaires—whose genius, hubris, and (in some cases) utter folly come through in vivid, human detail throughout this book.” — Brian Winter, co-author of The Accidental President of Brazil

“In this excellent book [Cuadros] has managed to use billionaires to illuminate the lives of both rich and poor Brazilians, and all those in between.” — Helen Joyce, The Economist 

Brazillionaires is an essential guide to understanding modern Brazil: its ups and downs, its flaws and lasting allure. But what makes it exceptional is that Cuadros uses his insights ... to ask broader questions: Why? What drives them? How are they different from the rest of us—or are they? This turns a unique feat of reportage into something even more fascinating: an exploration of wealth, what fuels our desire for it, and how it transforms us.” — Juliana Barbassa, author of Dancing with the Devil in the City of God

"Gripping from the first page.... [Cuadros is] just the right mix of knowledgeable insider, and arch, critical outsider." — Stephanie Nolen, Globe & Mail

“From the grit of the Amazon rainforest to the lilting laughter of cocktail parties in the penthouse condos of São Paulo, Alex Cuadros brings all his journalistic and storytelling talents to bear in this important and highly readable book.” — Scott Wallace, author of The Unconquered

“Part memoir, part exposé, and part historical narrative, this fascinating look at wealth in Brazil is a strong debut.... Readers will be eager to see what topic Cuadros tackles next.” — Publishers Weekly